Above in the sky

Simple lullaby to try to get babies to fall asleep. 
May work or may not.
This score is an as simplified as possible version of the lullaby, 
just the simple base melody to get started.

When night has arrived
I jump into bed
I put my pajamas
and cover me well

Then I start to dream
and fly to the stars
I wink them an eye
and reach them my hands

A binary star
then comes down to me
while taking my hand
starts to say this

If you come with us
we’ll give you a ride
we’ll ride on a comet
and circle the sun

We’ll visit the planets
we’ll fly by their moons
we’ll say hi to Venus
good bye to Saturn

At the asteroid belt
they gave me a stone
from an errant rock
that travels alone

Then morning has broken
I wake up in bed
the stone on my pillow
stardust on my hair

It wasn’t a dream
I flew to the stars
now I have new friends
above in the sky