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Release Date 2017.08.14
Ages 7+
Players Single player
Language EN
OS Linux 64bit, Windows 64bit
Controller Mouse (Keyboard/Mouse for menus)
Resolution FHD (1920×1080)
Best Viewed Full screen FHD
Download Linux 64bit: AROv101Lin64
Windows 64bit: AROv101Win64
Price Free

Will you be able to stand against… an Alien Invasion that pretends to destroy Earth?

Handle a special ship capable of grabbing and destroying alien invaders’ projectiles that follow different paths, in a classic style arcade game. Improve your range temporarily by catching ship extensions sent by the Earth Headquarters in order to destroy aliens more easily and avoid the Earth to be destroyed.

Beware of the perspective that can trick you.

To reset the High Scores, just press the “X” key while in the High Scores screen. Next time High Scores are loaded they will be set to Default values.

Grab the game for your platform in the Downloads section.

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